Dating in Asia is different than dating in Latin America or Europe. Mentally the women are more submissive than you would find in Latin America or East Europe. Physically the women are more petite like Costa Rica. Casual dating is more uncommon in rural areas and towns. Breaking up is a more serious thing as her family is planning the wedding from day one. There is less kissing and holding hands in public. Asian guys typically want a submissive women who will also take care of him like a mother.  Western men are not as needy so Asian women are attracted to the independence of American and European men. American women are much more liberal and want an equal say in the relationship or even want to control their men. For example, my sister only dates sissy men who she can control.  Of course it never works out because they always turn out to be gay. American men don't even understand their role in this woke new normal and most are giving up on dating. We are given a smaller and smaller tightrope to walk between asking a women on a date and sexual assault.  If we don't go along with the mob, we are attacked from all sides including family.  Its sad, but we still have the option to quit American women and date foreign women. There we can be normal and don't have to worry about every word and pronoun we say offending someone. You will be appreciated by single Asian women and you can find happiness. Did I mention most Asian singles are slender and total sweethearts. This is why single Asian ladies make better wives.