Dating in Brazil 


   Understanding The Score: Quality - A beautiful unique mix or Portuguese, Spanish, Northern European and African. Beautiful faces with perfect and outlandish curves. Quantity - Single women everywhere on the beaches highly interested in meeting foreign men. Competition - Men from Europe and USA everywhere trying to find a connection. Danger - Serious violent crime right off the beach, drugs in your drinks, and local police extortion like Mexico. Distance - A 9-15 hour flight normally overnight. The overnight flights can be a plus or minus if you can't sleep on a plane. 


   Brazil is one of the most desirable locations for Latin dating. Single men imagine tiny bikinis on the beach in Rio de Janeiro. Brazilian women are a different mix than the rest of Latin America because they are Portuguese. Typically they have beautiful faces and curvy bodies. Blond hair is common here like it is also common in Medellin, Colombia. Both have a large Northern European influence in the mix. The farther you go south in South America the more blond women there are. Once you cross the border into Uruguay and Argentina the people are a mix or German and Italian. A tan brazil woman with blond hair is the rarest mix in Latin America. The largest obstacles would be the distance from the United States and language barrier being Portuguese, not Spanish. The Brazilian ladies are obsessed with having good bodies and are constantly going to the gym. Imagine the opposite of the United States, the most obese nation on the planet. The women in Brazil prefer foreign men because of the macho culture in Brazil. Women do not have the same rights as men, similar to places in The Middle East.  They know European and American men will treat them as an equal, that mean you win. Start writing single Brazil women today and get ready for a once in a lifetime vacation and World class wife.