Dating in Cucuta


   Understanding The Score: Quality - The women in Cucuta are Venezuelan, the most beautiful women in Latin America. They are a mix of European, Portuguese, Spanish and original ethnic groups. Quantity - Single women here are highly interested in meeting foreign men. There are less options here than big cities. Competition - You will be rare and exotic yourself. Danger - Relatively safe city but your in Colombia.  Distance - A 6-7 hour flight because you need a connection through Bogota, Cali, or Medellin.

   Cucuta, Colombia is a city of Venezuelans on the Venezuela border. Off the beaten path from Gringo tourists, Cucuta is a jewel. The beautiful Cucuta women are a mix like you would find Medellin or Cali. But with no tourists you will be they rare gringo they have been seeking. Seeing the number of single Colombian women on dating sites, you know Colombians are seeking American and European men. The macho culture of Colombian men is why the Cucuta ladies seek other men. The women are tired of the daily drinking and violence. 18% experience domestic violence each year. It should be noted Colombia women have hot tempers too and can be violent as well. But once you experience the passion of women from Colombia you will understand why men seek them. Married men in Colombia normally have a mistress and relations with other women as well.  This is why Colombian women can be very jealous as well.  If fact jealousy and tempers are the worst traits of Colombian women. Be patient and calm when your Cucuta woman is angry it will pass quickly. In the United States we call it bi polar, here it is the passion. Just strap in and enjoy the ride with the most beautiful Latin women you have ever dated. Western women won't work for you anymore after dating a women in Colombia. Start writing them today in our profile link. 

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