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   Find love now and be happily married. Let us show you the top locations worldwide to find a foreign wife. Our goal is to show you where to go and fall in love in one or two weeks. Follow us to the top fifty cities in over 20 countries, where single men are traveling to now in 2022. We will rate each city based on: 1.Quality  2.Quantity  3.Competition  4.Safety and 5.Distance From USA. For a total average score that changes depending on your home country location. That way you can know what to expect in each location and pick the best city for your search. This is the most up to date and detailed international dating information on the internet.  We go to each city, interview the women, go to the clubs, and walk the streets most men are to scared to walk. I risk my life every day to discover and show you the truth! 


   The bar scene in Western countries is not where you fall in love. You fall in love when you find a real woman seeking a man like you. You are her dream and she is yours, a magical place. A place where women stare at you and smile, not a place they ignore you. A place with women seeking traditional relationships and marriage. A place not corrupted by western media and the current social engineering dystopia. A place we want to get back to, that we fear is gone. I am traveling 300 days a year to show you where to go with up to date 2022 information. I show you the city, the streets, hotel to stay at and where these single women are found. Watch my videos and travel with me to find the love of your life. I have been helping men find single foreign wives since 2002. 


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With thousands of marriages and over 20 years in the foreign dating business, Dating delivers happy endings. You don't have the accept the available dating options at home if you want something more. With Western women worried about your age and wallet, let us show you a different world on a road less traveled.  Take a walk back in time, to the good old days". You pass by a beautiful foreign woman and she looks you in the eyes and smiles, then says hello.. Wow, this hasn't happened to me in 20 years in my country, why? The locals and men who have visited these cities before tell you the ladies like foreign men. Imagine a place where people didn't discriminate based on age. The women back home say foreign women just want a green card and will marry you for your money. But after you get to know her, you find out she doesn't want to leave her home country. But she will follow you anywhere to form a new family.  It is time to see through the lies and propaganda our countries have been telling us. Can you imagine the economic consequences of millions of American and European men leaving their home countries with their life savings to marry and live in other countries? Like an Expat exodus due to the current culture war. The truth is, single foreign women from many other countries are more old fashion, sweeter, and make better wives than our local available options. Did you know the divorce rate between Western men and foreign women is much lower than men who marry women from their own Western countries? Watch our videos for a real education!