Dating in Peru


   Understanding The Score: Quality - A beautiful mix of Spanish and local Indian tribes. Beautiful personalities with some very good looking Latinas. Quantity - Single women on the beaches in summer and in parks all year, that are highly interested in meeting foreign men. Competition - only a handful of foreign men in Miraflores area. Danger - Very safe as long as some people are around. Distance - A 6 hour flight just past Colombia eliminates the competition.

Dating in Peru is similar to Colombia, but more relaxed with less competition. The Peruvian women are very interested in foreign men. The climate in Lima is like Los Angeles so expect cool to epic weather every day. You could find a nice girlfriend in Peru in one to two weeks. It is a good retirement location as well. I suggest you spend the first week meeting Peru women. Then take your favorite Peru lady to Machu Picchu. That would be an incredible experience for anyone. Just start in Lima where there are seven million people. These South America women are relaxed and down to earth. Less complicated than Colombian or Brazilian women and easier to date. Not many guys go to Lima Peru to date so its wide open you will get a lot of attention. The women are traditional in where they expect to be the homemaker while her man works. Being from a large city, these women can adapt into life in the United States and European cities very easy.  Its easy to line up dates in our profile section before your trip.  You may even be overwhelmed with the response you get from Peruvian singles. 

  1. Sign up, fill out your profile and start writing women. Your profile allows them to write you first.

  2. Get a plane ticket for the travel time you want to visit.

  3. Make hotel reservations in a recommended hotel. We do not receive a commission. Only these hotels allow female guests. These hotels are also the closest best options to parks and singles bars where the women go to dance or relax. If they are without a man they are most likely single and would like to meet someone.