Dating in Rajasthan, India


Understanding The Score: Quality - These stunning gypsies are a mix of Indian and Persian women. These women have big dark eyes and are the most exotic in the World. Quantity - Single women interested in meeting foreign men. Some streets are lined with single women others available for marriage  Competition - You are unique here and very different. Danger - Uncharted waters in international dating.  Distance - A 10-15 hour flight with connection in Europe, its worth it.

This area of West India is the home of the Kalbelia also known as the cobra gypsies. Centered in the state of Rajasthan, these exotic women are known for their belly dancing. The women dress in traditional clothing with lots of piercings and jewelry all over their faces. Some of the larger cities were you can find them are: Jodhpur, Pushkar, and Pali. From these cities to the Western border with Pakistan is where you can find the Kalbelia. There is a camel festival every year in November where they mix with the tourists. Some single Rajasthan women are nomadic, others are stationary. So why would anyone want to date and marry a cobra gypsy? If your into hippies and traditional Indian living, these women could be perfect for you. Don't think your going to marry a gypsy and bring her home to your plastic home town. If you love Indian food and want to live here, you can marry a Kalbelia woman. Plenty of Western men live out in the towns and deserts with their beautiful Kalbelia wives. Potential husbands make a deal with the father and then the father pays for the wedding. The beautiful gypsy women are some of the most stunning in the World, with green eyes and bright clothes. You may have nothing in common with her except your attraction of opposites.  But if you want a real hippie wife, healthy living, hate living in a fake, plastic World, and want throw yourself into a traditional exotic culture, move to Rajasthan and marry a beautiful cobra gypsy. 

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