Dating in Thailand


Understanding The Score: Quality - A beautiful unique mix of Indian, Chinese and local ethnic groups. Nice women will save themselves for marriage. These women age much slower than Filipinas. Quantity - Single women everywhere very interested in meeting foreign men. Competition - Way more competition than the Philippines but the women still outnumber the men looking for them. Danger - Lots of tourists and police, very safe.  Distance - A brutal 24 hour plus flight every time you visit your future girlfriend, wife and her family. That's from the USA, You can average the distance score from Australia 8 or Europe 5 to get a new total.

Most single men think of Thailand as a place to party in the wild night life areas.  But in reality, thousands of foreign men marry Thai women every year. Serious women save themselves for marriage. Bar women are your girlfriend until you leave, then they are someone else's girlfriend. The single Thai women are mix of French decent. I was surprised to se so many women that looked European, unlike the Philippines. Being Buddhist, the Thai singles have a relaxed attitude toward life. The people are very peaceful and you will find it is a safe country. Most men find women from Bangkok or Pattaya and move to the mountains in the North with them. Thailand is very romantic and the beach cites are your best choice to fins a long term relationship.  Are you ready for a simple life with a single Thailand woman? The top dating cities are Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, and Chiang Mai. The beautiful Thailand ladies are humble yet very confident. Thailand singles are a mix of Chinese, French and Indian.